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5 Reasons you should book a professional photographer for your next product shoot

You’re a small business that’s passionate about what you do, you love the products you make and it’s your whole world. You’ve been taking photos of your work yourself for your social channels and online shop for a while. The photos are okay and are doing the job, but with a business you care about so much why would you settle for anything being just okay.

Here are five reasons for elevating your photography and helping your business create a lasting impression.

1. We are experts at what we do

Photographers do this for a living, they pour their heart and soul into their photography just as you do your business. You can bet that they will invest that same energy and commitment into providing you with exceptional photography. Photos that really live up to your brand and vision.

2. You’ll attract more customers

Your own photos aren’t necessarily bad but how do you know they are engaging the audience you are looking to reach? Your photos might be turning customers away without you even realising it. A photographer will work with you to find out exactly which area of the market you are looking to attract and produce photos that are professional and bring your business into that professional realm too.

3. A refreshing perspective

We take a different approach to photographing your work that you might not have thought of and bring creative insight to producing visuals for you. Photographer's have an eye for composition, colour, lighting and all the other elements you might not consider. Your photos won’t only look polished, they will stop people in their tracks with something that looks just that bit different and more imaginative than the norm.

4. We don’t just take photos

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we just came in took your photos and left you to it and any good photographer will tell you the same. We will check with you how you will be using the photos, what theme or story you want to tell with the photos what you hope to gain from having a professional set of photos taken and how you can really maximise the use of your photos on social media etc.

5. It’s an investment in your business rather than a cost

It’s easy to see photography for your business as just another expense but that money that you spend on photography is an investment in growing your business. Professional photos of what you do, your products and even your premises are incredibly powerful tools. You can begin to reach new markets, target your audiences more effectively and be more enterprising. Not investing could result in a much greater cost to the survival of your business.

And finally, like any relationship, who you choose to work with is not only key but very personal. Take the time to look at lots of different photographers and find out whether what they do is a good fit for you.

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